Work smart, not hard!

In a world filled with fools(!)— success and happiness are mere illusions measured by virtues of professional accolades and achievements. In this world, the ignorant mass let their dreams drift along the waves, just to work as slaves.

Abir was no different from this lot. He was ambitious but ignorant, one among the 97 percent of the population that thinks(!) working hard is the only way to get rich, become successful and finally find happiness sitting in a position superior to others!

Abir has developed a knack of multi-tasking, a trait very rare in men! Bearing the weights of his big dreams, Abir took the conventional path guarded by the fences of his paradigm. He worked in a call center at night and managed his own tea stall during the day.

Life was stranded between office and shop. Engulfed with the petty issues of his shop and office, his thoughts narrowed and his problems appeared in microscopic view. He started compromising on his sleep, pushing the clock by an hour and the next till he sealed the deal at 4 hours.

His tedious routine soon took a toll on his health making him, depleted and lifeless. Abir was aware of the importance that sleep holds; the diseases sleep deprivation causes and the multitude of side-effects he would be facing for this routine.

A thousand voices started thundering in the valleys of his mind. While one said work a little harder and success is right at the corner, the other grinned don’t compromise on your sleep, you need to be sane to enjoy the success.

Abir was tired, confused and now he was delusional. These voices drove him crazy; while one did not let him sleep the other did not let him work. Indigestion became a constant problem and so was dizziness and fatigue. His performance degraded and this made him even more stressed. He was simply drowning in the spiral that began with the simple guilt of greed!

Unable to bear it any further, Abir reached out to me for help. He explained his lifestyle and his problems. He cannot leave his job because that’s his constant source of money and he doesn’t want to give up on his shop because he was bitten by the bug of entrepreneurship.

Understanding his situation, I explained to him the concepts of daily quick abhyanga, coffee nap and power nap which are great tools for a quick recharge. I also asked him to look for a part-time job 5 or 6 hours rather than completely quitting which he was not ready to do.

Adjusting a few hours here and there and drawing his routing, prioritizing his private life made things manageable. I also prescribed him MENTACE tablet and MANOKALPA liquid for quality sleep and stress-relieving effects.

Abir found his path in Ayurveda, he even started doing meditation and yoga and that enlightened him with the correct meaning of success which is not as hard as one perceives.

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