When a DRAVYAGUNA professor scratches his head

Standing in the middle of a fully packed classroom scratching your head is the last thing to expect from a professional particularly a professor. But this dreadful nightmare had become my reality.  I was a  DRAVYAGUNA  professor who was stranded by dandruff and scalp infection and I could hardly keep my hand off my head.

All my hard work and my talent went unnoticed , I was now called as the head scratching dumpster. The students made fun of me and the sight of my peers too were clouded by this habit.

Some days I would hear my students mocking me as ‘ khujlika raja ‘ and some days I would enter the class with a black board filled with disgust.

Mimicking me turned to be everyone’s favorite pastime. I was personally and emotionally devastated for the reputation I built with years of practice was now fading away,  leaving the imprint of some obnoxious reality that I would go to any extent to change.

This whole situation has taken a toll on my happiness and peace.  I started being rude to one and all.  Even at home my wife and children were now complaining of me .

Finally, I churned the internet to find the ways to get rid of my life changing monstrous infection. I did some home remedies, the lemon and curd,  henna and hibiscus but the infection would resurface after a few days.

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