Organic India has combined two classy herbs in its ayurvedic offering marketed as Tulsi Green Tea Classic. This product is an herbal tea decoction available as easy to use infusion bags and also as boil and filter powder in a jar. This product combines the medicinal benefits of two powerful herbs in one putting it miles ahead of your normal morning bed coffee or tea. The immunity-boosting and healing properties of tulsi make this product better than many other green tea powders on the market.

Tulsi Green Tea Classic contains natural caffeine and helps stimulate the brain and makes you active in the morning. It improves digestion and metabolism. Replacing your normal bed coffee with herbal tea or even pushing your morning coffee late by a few hours to have this herbal drink first up in the morning in an empty stomach can provide a lot of health benefits.

This herbal tea helps in weight loss. It improves immunity and can help prevent flu-like diseases. Powered by tulsi, this herbal tea can relieve the common cold, cough, and fever. It has a pleasant aroma that helps elevate the mood in the morning and fill your mind with positivity. It also has a unique herbal taste.


Tulsi Green Tea Classic comes as an easy-to-make infusion bag. All you have to do is immerse this bag in 200 ml of lukewarm water for three to five minutes. Each pack has 10 infusion bags. Click here to buy.

Tulsi Green Tea Classic is also available in a jar pack. This herbal powder can be boiled with water for 10 minutes and filtered to get your favorite morning drink. Click here to buy.

The two herbs in this mixture have multiple benefits. Let us look at them one by one.


Green tea is made up of tender tea leaves which are not oxidized. This is the tea that has undergone the least processing (yes, tea leaves undergo a lot of processing) and hence possesses the most anti-oxidants. This makes it the most nutritious and beneficial to health. Studies have shown green tea reduces cholesterol. It is beneficial for the heart and light on the liver. It stimulates the brain more harmoniously than your normal tea. It does contain natural caffeine. 

Green tea has anti-microbial properties. It nourishes the circulatory system and thus improves blood circulation. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels and is recommended for diabetic patients. It prevents dementia and can help reduce plaque and germs in the mouth. It also strengthens the tooth enamel. 

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One of the main reasons why there is a craze to consume green tea is because of its benefits in helping to lose weight. It helps improves digestion which ensures the food particles are broken down quickly and absorbed into the body. It also improves metabolism which results in the quick absorption of nutrients. It also helps eliminate the undigested food residue or ama in the body. By virtue of all this, it promotes the burning of fat stored in the body and thus aids weight loss. Green tea has become a favorite of fitness fanatics thanks to its ability to help in weight loss.

These health benefits make Green tea a preferred choice for many. Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea Classic is a green tea plus!


The primary ingredient in this ayurvedic herbal tea is tulsi. Tulsi has anti-aging properties. It is beneficial for eye and oral health. Tulsi relieves fever. It promotes a healthy heart. It contains a component called eugenol which protects the heart from invasive free radicals. Regular consumption of tulsi extracts can prevent kidney stones. It can prevent pimples and acne apart from relieving headaches. It is useful in most respiratory diseases.

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Three different varieties of tulsi are blended in this composition. Vana Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, and Rama Tulsi are the different varieties available in this product in a unique proportion to improve the nutritional and immune-modulating output. All varieties of this plant are renowned for their ability to tackle most respiratory diseases. They help improve breathing and also help in the elimination of mucus secretions deposited in the lungs. Vana Tulsi is specifically effective in improving immune reactions against diseases. All varieties help improve the functioning of the lymphocytes and cytokines which are vital for combating invading pathogens like the covid-19 virus. Tulsi can relieve fever and can also help in the management of body pain and joint pain. It is also useful in relieving fatigue. Tulsi improves digestion and stimulates hunger.

These herbs are mixed in a unique proportion to get Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Classic


It is recommended to drink 150 ml of this tea two to three times a day to improve immunity and to aid in weight loss.

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