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When I got married my mother wrapped all the wisdom of a married life and poured it upon me. But in the very first week, I realised the syllabus to a happy marriage has changed drastically over the generation but still when everything else fails, you go back to basics.

So, here is what my mother taught me:

* Arguing is not bad. Fight for what is right not for what your ego says. Healthy fighting shows concern, love and an effort to make each other better person.

* Kiss and make up. After every fight, the way you patch up seals the bond with a knot in the thread.

* Love from the heart. In a relation, there is no place for pretension. Love like there is no tomorrow.

* Know what to say and when to say. The way of saying things is more important than what you are going to say.

* Don’t let the romance fade away.

* Sex is important, it is divine. Don’t cloud your mind with the taboos.Experiment, indulge and enjoy the joys of healthy sex.

Yes, these are the basics for keeping your marriage as tight as ever. During the hard days, the days of endless work and ceaseless fatigue trust “BrihatriAshwagandhadilehya “to keep you going. It’s a gem from our ancient Vedas. AshwagandhadiLehya keeps things sparkling on the bed and helps with the fatigue and anxiety.

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