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Growing up in the fresh air and cold breeze of Himachal, I never knew that the sun could be a monster too.

But when I moved to Bangalore, I understood the actual meaning of ‘global warming’.

The heat, the sweat, dirt, dust, pollution and above all the prickly heat rashes, I started dreading the summer days.

The prickly heat rashes kept me hooked to scratching the skin. As if the soaring temperature was not enough torture, I had to deal with the soreness of these little thorns piercing me everywhere.

One day, in a casual conversation, I asked my colleague how people survive the hot humid temperatures and she revealed the secret – Sarsaparilla syrup is popularly known as

ಸೊಗದೆ ಬೇರಿನ ಶರಬತ್ತು (Sogade berina sharabattu) in ನಮ್ಮ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು . That’s how I came to know about this amazing summer healer.

This famous Indian syrup is a wonderful body coolant widely used in the summers as a soothing cooling drink. A healthy replacement for unhealthy cold drinks and ice creams, it is the perfect summer elixir.

My colleague said that she binges on Sarsaparilla juice for it brings relief to her summer headaches. Not just that, the powerful tonic cleanses the blood, detoxifies the body, aids in digestion and soothes the burning skin and eyes.

She strictly mentioned opting for ಮೈಸೂರಿನ S N PANDIT’S  Sarsaparillaa only as her family have trusted this brand for generations. Made from original sareeva, S N PANDIT’S Sarsaparilla( SOGADE BERINA SHERBET) comes with an unsaid guarantee of quality.

So, that’s my story of finding my escape from the summer’s slaughter.

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