Takrarista is specially formulated medicine with buttermilk as a base. Takrarishta is used to treat a host of problems. It can improve digestion and thus improve absorption of nutrients. It helps relieve diarrhea. It has anti-inflammatory properties and a cooling potency which will help soothe the inflammation and ulcers in the internal organs. It is also indicated as an adjuvant for the treatment of piles or hemorrhoids.

Takrarista stimulates appetite by increasing digestive juice secretions. It mainly acts on Vata and Kapha dosa and is beneficial in smelly stools or stools with mucus content.



Buttermilk is the base ingredient in Takrarista.  Buttermilk is rich in vitamin B12, riboflavin, calcium, sodium, pantothenic acid, and proteins.  250 ml of buttermilk can contain up to a quarter of the daily requirement of calcium, riboflavin and vitamin b12. It is also a very rich source of protein. This makes it one of the best diets for improving bone and muscle health.

A glass of buttermilk also contains up to one a fifth of the daily requirements of pantothenic acid and sodium.

It is also rich in carbohydrates and fats making it an effective standalone balanced diet. When buttermilk is garnished with the herbs as recommended in Ayurveda it becomes an even better immunity tonic and health regulator.



Takrarishta is prepared by mixing and processing the following herbal extracts in buttermilk

Piper Longum and its roots

Carom seeds


Black jeera

Gaja Pippali

Kapoor Kachiri

Coriander (seeds and leaves powdered)


Nigella Satvia and

Cumin seeds

The immunity-boosting and nourishing powers of the above herbs improve the qualities and specific actions of buttermilk.


Takrarista can help improve bone health. Many studies have hinted a possibility of improving bone health with regular consumption of buttermilk.

It is a super detoxifier. It also binds the undigested food residue (ama) and helps in reducing ama.

Its major use is in diarrhea, as a stool binder it helps reduce the need to frequent the lavatory.

It is the best follow up drink after heavy meals. It aids digestion and absorption of nutrients.

It also acts as an appetizer and can be used to stimulate hunger before meals.

It has carminative properties and relieves flatulence

It effective in treating bowel troubles like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

It is also used in the treatment of piles.

It can reduce heaviness in the abdomen.

Takrarishta relieves weakness and fatigue.

It is useful in Edema and urinary disorders

It is indicated in intestinal weaknesses and strengthens the intestine.

It can strengthen your gums and teeth, is indicated for oral health

It can help lower cholesterol levels and also regulates blood pressure.




For adults up to 10-20 ml of takrarishta with a a glass of water after meals is recommended two or three times a day.

The maximum dosage per day recommended for an adult is up to 40ml. For children, it is half that quantity.

It is not recommended for pregnant women and to infants below 7 years of age.

It is advisable to consult an ayurvedic doctor to get your personalized dosage with respect to your tridosas.

It is normally safe and tolerable in most people.



It has no side effects in common people and is tolerable in most of them.

People with a history of acidity or gastritis might experience the following side effects on consumption of takrarishta

One might experience a burning sensation while passing the stool.

Heartburn like feeling might occur.

Other symptoms might include mouth ulcers and uneasiness in the abdomen.



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