Sukumara Ghrita Health Benefits & Side Effects

Sukumara Ghrita

Digging deep into the history of the evolution of man, we found that as men transformed from nomads to settled beings they had ample time to ponder and think. Gradually, the thoughts of man paved the way for a new world. A world that’s comfortable, healthy, and convenient for existence.

It was somewhere during those times that Ayurveda came into existence. Ayurveda is the oldest foundation of healing the body by application of potent medicinal herbs, enhancing life by adopting healthy methods of eating and living.

The first traces of Vedic knowledge can be traced in the holy scripts of Vedas, which are highly acclaimed works of philosophy and life. The hymns in Atharvaveda spell the secret of healing and treating life-threatening diseases. Based on the knowledge from the Vedas, renowned physicians like Sushruta and Charaka could do wonders.

Ayurveda focuses on treating diseases by eliminating the root cause of the disease. It goes deep into the anatomy of the human body and understands the basic components, their functionalities, and the methods to keep them at the peak of good health.

One of the potent Ayurvedic formulations is Sukumara Ghrita. It is polyherbal Ayurvedic ghee made from the Vidaryadi group of herbs and is highly brimmed with medicinal values.

Features of Sukumara Ghrita

Sukumara Ghrita for period problems Sukumara Ghrita is a potent uterine tonic and an emmenagogue that stimulates menstrual flow and cures the problems of delayed periods and prolonged menstruation cycles. It is also useful in treating severe pain abdominal or back pain during menstruation. Its adaptogenic properties help in adapting to stress thereby soothing and combating mood swings and bad mood during PMS.

Sukumara Ghrita for better digestion

It is a nutritive, digestion booster that enhances the absorption of nutrients in the body thereby improving strength and weight. Its carminative and anti-inflammatory properties help in keeping the digestive system healthy and prevent flatulence, hernia, bloating, gastritis, and ulcer.

Sukumara Ghrita for cramps and pains

It is a great analgesic and antispasmodic that helps in relieving pain and soothe cramps.

Sukumara Ghrita for constipation and piles

It is a mild-laxative that prevents constipation, and hemorrhoids and relieves symptoms of piles. Its antioxidant nature scavenges the harmful free radicals in the body and helps in the elimination of wastes thereby detoxifying the body.

Sukumara Ghrita for fertility

It is used in the treatment of gynecological diseases and improves the chances of pregnancy.


Other Medicinal actions

Sukumara Ghrita is blessed with the properties anti-ulcerogenic, antitumor, and anticancer and is very beneficial for the treatment of abnormal growths or tumors, hernia, abscesses, abdominal distension, reproductive system disorders, edema, abdominal diseases, gout, spleen disorders, polycystic ovarian disease, uterine fibroids, and polycystic kidney disease.

Side Effects:
There are no known side effects of this medicine.
However, in females having a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, consuming Sukumara Ghrita may reduce the cycle to 20-25 days.
It is best to use this product under medical supervision only and the dosage should be as prescribed by the physician.
An excess dose of the medicine may cause diarrhea.

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