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In my quest to a healthy life, I have been trying everything that’s written in the books, and even things that are not penned! From going vegan to trying anything that says herbal, I have been on toes to be at the top of the game.

So, when last week someone told me about the amazing benefits of Anardhana Goli, I got excited. Enhanced digestion means better metabolism which means HEALTHY GUT. So, I was all into it. But I did not want to buy it since it sounded too easy to make.

Next, I was strolling through the supermarket picking up items from the list that my friend wrote for me. The list said dried pomegranate seeds (anardhana), black salt (sanchal), green fennel seeds (saunf), dried mango powder (amchur), powdered sugar, black peppercorns (kalimirch), honey and juice.

Simple right? It seemed so till now. After all, shopping is the best part of any project. She told me the procedure her grandmother used to prepare Anardhana Goli but when the time came I forgot many parts of the process. 
But I did not realize this until I executed the recipe. No matter how simple it sounds but one should not underestimate the magic of mixing ingredients in that perfect proportion. The first attempt failed miserably because I added too much salt and then too much lemon to balance the salt. This was followed by a number of unsuccessful attempts, to say the least.


Finally, I called her up and asked her to simply tell me the name of the brand that has the best Anardhana Goli. She said, “Just go to the AyurCentral store near your house and ask them to give Brihatri Anardhana Goli”. So, Brihatri Anardhana Goli it is. I immediately put on the jeans and rushed to the store. I was trying to prepare the Anardhana Goli for so long that I could not wait for more to try what it really tastes like. And boy did it taste awesome?

Try it yourself and then tell me!

Go run, hop, jump and reach your nearest AyurCentral Store today and get your pack of Brihatri Anardhana Goli because I am not sharing mine!

Get it from your nearest Ayurcentral store or just order it online at https://ayurcentralonline.com  or call 7349744446

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