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As the intoxicating smell diffused the air, everyone in the room turned to stare. As if my butt was some source of poison gas and guilty it was. Every time I went gym in the evening my stomach was filled with the lunch or probably the previous day’s dinner that has now rot and giving out these smelly bubbles of gas.

It’s been a year of embarrassment and humiliation, as the gawky looks expressed their displeasure and the irked gestures made it evident. Some named me smelly pants and some called me smarty farty and gradually the humiliation turned into a crack of jokes where I sulked all the insults and drowned my self-esteem.

When my new coach came to know about my condition and the bullying that went around he called me to have a chat. He greeted me warm which was followed by a nice introduction. The coach then asked me general questions on my diet and routine. I was lean and have digestive issues because of which I avoid most of the things.

My coach opened his drawer and fetched a bottle of Briahtri Jeera goli. He passed on a sweet and sour goli and told me that it is one of the best natural digestives that I can have after lunch and once my digestion would be tackled other problems will automatically bid adieu. 
I followed his suggestion, though I was not sure if my condition that was so serious can be cured with something so simple. After a week, my appetite increased and the constant farts were now limited to an occasional event. 
I have been taking Brihatri Jeera Goli for past one month now and I can say it has restored health for me.

Sometimes the solution is so simple that we fail to acknowledge it!
If you too are having a troubled stomach, I strongly recommend Brihatri Jeera Goli which is available across all Ayurcentral stores.

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