Memory Boosters


A gifted memory is pure bliss. It not only guarantees good grades but also casts an unforgettable impression on people. A powerful memory is an ally in every walk of life. Be it remembering the names of your comrades, the schedules of events or being able to locate things like a wizard, a sharp memory always receives huge accolades.

While very few are blessed with the boon of a sharp memory most of us struggle with remembering the little things of everyday life. A poor memory not only poses a hindrance in the path of success but can also make life miserable.

So, is there any remedy for this misery? Fortunately, yes! As they rightly say, all the answers to your prayers lie in the Vedas. Tracing back 5000 years, we got to know the secret behind the amazing memory of the learned and wise of that era. The all-natural ayurvedic formula, Shankhpushpi is the supertonic to boost memory and brainpower. This herbal potion is highly beneficial in mental weakness, forgetfulness, memory loss, and low retention power.

Shankapushpi – The ultimate memory booster
This natural IQ booster is very popular for its mind empowerment and brain enrichment features. It promotes intelligence level and cures many memory-related troubles including memory loss, epilepsy, severe headache, etc. For years, it has found application in treating disorders such as anxiety, stress, hypertension, insomnia, neurosis, epilepsy, dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Shankhpushpi contains flavonoids, glycosides, coumarins, and alkaloids which aid in improving the ability and capacity of nervous functions. Shankhapushpine, an alkaloid, is the active principle. It also contains B- sitosterol, Kaempferol, Hydroxy Cinnamic acid, and N- hexacosanol.

Benefits of Shankapushpi

  • Quick learning:  Learning is no more fun when it becomes tedious and tiring. Loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, Shankapushpi is the best remedy for improving IQ and learning abilities. It improves concentration, alertness, nerve coordination, retention power, brain functions and grasping power thus aiding in quick learning.
  • Photogenic Memory:  A photogenic memory ensures better performance in all spheres of life. This mystic herbal tonic to the brain and nerves is considered to be the best memory enhancer. It is a marvellous syrup for all ages as it helps in improving memory and preventing dementia and memory loss.
  • Treats ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder): Most of the times, parents and teachers blame the kids for not paying attention or not trying to learn things. But kids are too innocent to fake things. Rather, we should dig a bit deeper into the child’s mind and help him to combat this situation. Shankapushpi is known to improve concentration and attention span in children suffering from ADHD. It reduces distractions by irrelevant stimuli thus boosting focus and performance of the kid.
  • Calms mental tension, anxiety, and depression: Shankhpushpi is blessed with antidepressant, antioxidant, anti-stress, anti-hypertensive, and anti-anxiety powers. It boosts the brain for combating anxiety and depression. The purple-flowered herb improves blood circulation in the brain and is very effective in relieving headache caused by stress, mental workload, and weakness. It improves the functioning of the nervous tissues and brain.

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