Green Milk Concepts have designed an ayurvedic skin cream prepared from herbal ingredients ready to take on the artificial skin creams and gels in the market. This product is primarily prepared from the most highly rated skin wellness herb in Ayurveda, Aloe vera. Aloes are the best skin nourishers. From inflammations to acnes and dry skin, Aloe vera extracts can offer immediate relief from just anything related to the skin. Prescar cream tops Aloe extracts with three powerful skin protective oils namely almond, coconut and olive. These ingredients in a glycerin base make Prescar, the perfect cream for your skin.

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Prescar cream with no harmful chemicals is relatively safe on the skin. It is also less likely to cause adverse side effects on long term use when compared to other products in its niche.


Prescar cream is very efficient in eliminating acnes and pimples. Acne is a condition which affects the skin’s hair follicles and oil glands. The oil glands produce a substance known as sebum. The glands are connected to the pores by a pathway called follicle. When dead cells on the pores and sebum plug the follicles, it causes an inflammation. This result in formation of pimples in the skin, the underlying condition is called acne. Prescar cream helps relieve this condition. Powered by the anti-inflammatory nature of aloes and three powerful oils, it relieves inflammation. Anti-bacterial nature of aloes helps eliminate microbial activity in the region. Powered by almond oil and aloes the cream promotes cell regeneration in the region and acne is eliminated.  Prescar cream also has the potential to remove acne marks which stay on the skin long after acnes are gone. Just apply this ayurvedic cream softly on the infected area and leave it for a few hours. It shall be washed later with mild soap. Repeat the practice till desired results are obtained. The cream starts action from the first use. 


Though acne can be one of the major causes of pimples, they can also occur due to other reasons like an insect bites for example. Such pimples and marks might remain on your skin for a long time. They can be embarrassing if they are on the visible areas of the skin like face or hands. Prescar cream has a powerful anti-pimple formula, powered by herbs like olives and aloes help eliminate such pimples. They also help eradicate the marks left on the skin after pimples are gone. It is important to continuously apply this cream on the affected area for complete relief. It is recommended to apply this cream at least twice a day. It is perfectly alright to do it 5-6 times a day. So get complete relief from pimples with Ayurveda powered Prescar cream from Green Milk Concepts.


Stretch marks are those lines which appear on the skin polluting its beautiful texture. Stretch marks can occur due to a variety of reasons. They can occur during pregnancy in women. They can occur when your start to lose or gain weight. They occur when the skin wrinkles. They can occur when ascites build up in the body. Whatever be the reason why you have got those stretch marks, Prescar cream powered by coconut, almond and olive oils help eliminate them. It takes lot more time for stretch marks to go away completely compared to acnes and pimples but continuous application Green Milk Concepts Prescar cream can work wonders in eliminating them.

Prescar cream is also recommended as a preventive to stretch marks. Applying this cream in the area you anticipate stretch marks can help keep them at bay.


Powered by aloe vera, alomond oil, coconut oil and olive oil, this ayurvedic cream is loaded with nutrients. It is a rich source of vitamins A, B complex, D and E. It also contains oleic acid and linoleic acid. Prescar cream is also loaded with essential minerals and proteins to provide complete nourishment to the skin. It also contains healthy fat for enhanced skin health. 

Regular use of Prescar cream keeps the skin healthy. It provides a smooth, soft and almost flawless skin. It keeps the skin free from rashes, marks, pimples and acnes.

Keep your skin healthy, nutrient rich and perfectly nourished with Green Milk Concepts’ Prescar cream.

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