Maha Sudarshana kadha – BENEFITS AND USAGE IN FEVER

Mahasudarshana Kadha is a complex Ayurvedic decoction prepared by blending several precious medicinal herbs including Nimba, Musta, Shunthi, Parpat, chirayta, kutki, guduchi etc. These ingredients make it an auspicious medicinal formulation for treating all types of fevers and disorders of the liver and lymph. This synergistic formula cools and cleanses the system.

Since ancient times, this amazing concoction is well known for its antipyretic properties and is extensively used to treat acute and chronic fevers, fever of unknown etiology, malaria, typhoid, headache, respiratory infections, jaundice, debility, cough and breathing difficulties that come along with fever.

Fever usually comes with its allies like loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, headache, and weakness. Mahasudarshana Kadha helps in combating fever and its associated hazards; it improves appetite and helps in regaining the strength of the body. It eliminates the toxins from the body and helps to unblock the microchannels which induce sweating and lowers the fever.

Mahasudarshana Kadha Combating Fever
Though the benefits of Mahasudarshan Kadha make an unending list, we have managed to highlight the most useful and amazing perks of this poly-herbal Ayurvedic combination:

Protects against infectious bacteria and other harmful microorganisms:
It’s antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties boosts immunity and armor the body against bacterial infections. It is used to combat infectious diseases such as typhoid fever, intestinal infection, urinary tract infections and respiratory infection caused by various bacterial pathogens.

Aids in treating Malaria:
Mahasudarshan Kadha is a potent anti-malarial extract and is an incredible preventive and supportive medicine for treating malaria. It works well in combination with other medicines and increases their efficacy.

Aids in detoxification of the Body:
Mahasudarshan Kadha is a great protective syrup that detoxifies the body by clearing inflammatory toxins from the body through skin or urine by promoting perspiration and excretion of urine. It releases heat from the system and unblocks the channels of circulation.


Supports functionality of vital organs:
An ace blood purifier that enhances the functionality of the liver, lymphatic system and spleen, Mahasudarshana kadha stimulates the liver to release bile and help to treat hypochondriac pain, gallstones, and liver toxicity. It eliminates the toxic wastes and aids in curing any malfunctioning of the liver. Its detoxifying and diuretic action reduces lymphatic swelling and congestion.

Boosts digestion:
It improves appetite, boosts digestion, and stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and gastric juices. It has cooling, digestive, and anthelmintic action that extends support to the digestive system.

Enhances Immunity:
It has antipyretic and antioxidant properties that help in recovering from infections. Mahasudarshan kadha is beneficial in bolstering immunity through detoxification.  It decongests the body and enhances the elimination of toxins and assists the immune system to fight against infectious pathogens.

Fights Infection:
Mahasudarshana kadha enhances immunity and strengthens the body’s natural defense against viruses and bacteria. It is very efficacious in curing fever caused by flu, Malaria, Chikungunya, and other microorganisms. This Ayurvedic formulation is also recommended for breathlessness, anemia, cough, jaundice, and palpitation.

It can be taken twice or thrice a day after meals as per the doctor’s recommendation.

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