We all like jamun (black plum or Indian blackberry) fruit but we are not aware of its immense health benefits in fighting diabetes. While the fruit is healthy, its seeds are even more beneficial. It contains dietary fibre, proteins, fats, various vitamins and minerals. Jamun seed powder called jambu churna is used in various Ayurvedic medicines or prescribed for digestive ailments, and particularly for diabetes.


Diabetes is a common lifestyle disease that affects a large population across the world, and unfortunately, a large population of India suffers from diabetes. Stress, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the major factors that lead to diabetes. Once you get the disease, it is incurable, so you can only manage it.


Several studies have been conducted on animals that have shown that jamun seed powder has promising anti-diabetic qualities. A study was conducted in Mangalore, Karnataka, in 2011, which showed that consumption of jamun seed powder reduces fasting blood sugar levels.


Ayurvedic Perspective On Jambu Churna For Diabetics


According to Ayurveda, jambu churna is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. In Sanskrit, jamun is called jambu, which is mentioned in various classical texts of Ayurveda. India is also called Jambudweep, which means a country with many jamun trees.


As per Ayurveda, jamun is astringent and anti-diuretic, which helps in reducing frequent urination. The fruit also has hypoglycemic properties, which is the ability to reduce sugar in blood. Jamun also has antioxidants that work wonders on diabetics.


Jamun seed powder for managing diabetes


The powder of jamun seeds has great healing properties for diabetics. Jamun seeds contain jambosine and jamboline, which have the ability to slow down the process of converting starch into sugar. This reduces the chances of a sudden hike in blood sugar levels when you eat starchy food and the starch gets metabolised.


People with Type 2 diabetes have low levels of insulin to act on blood glucose. This is because of two reasons—either the pancreas produce less insulin, or it is because of very fast degradation of insulin that has been produced. Here jambu churna works like a magic in ensuring greater availability of insulin as it increases its secretion and prevents it from degrading fast.


A study published in Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine also proved that jamun seed powder reduce the blood glucose level significantly and regulates the insulin levels in hyperglycaemic rats.


Jambu churna have potent preventive role against hyperglycaemia. In this case jambu churna proves very effective for diabetics.


The study in Mangalore also found that consuming about 10 grams of jamun seed powder orally every day helps to reduce fasting blood glucose. Jambu churna is commercially available and two teaspoons of it is about 10 grams. Alternatively, you can also prepare it at home. But before you start taking readymade or homemade jambu churna, you should consult an Ayurvedic doctor for better results.


The seeds also contain dietary fibre which helps to regularise the digestive system and at the same time, detoxify the body from the negative radicals. This eventually improves the functioning of the immune system and effectively controls the side effects that come along with diabetes. Studies have also found that jamun seeds contain alkaloids—the chemicals that prevent the conversion of starch into sugar and keep diabetes in check.


How to prepare jamun seed powder

After you eat the jamun fruit, store the seeds and wash them thoroughly so that the flesh is not left on them. Now, spread them on a clean cloth and keep them under sun to dry. It will take about three to four days to dry properly. Once they are dried, peel off the outer coating of each seed and collect only the green inner core of the seeds. This part of the seed can be easily broken into half just by pressing with your fingers. Break all the seeds into half and keep them in the sun for a few more days till they are dried from inside. Now you can easily powder the dried seeds in a grinder. If the powder is coarse, sieve it and store the smooth powder in an airtight container.


Ayurveda recommends taking a teaspoon of jamun seed powder with water every morning on an empty stomach

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