Sri Chamundeshwari Pharmacy has reproduced a leaf from the ancient ayurvedic texts to introduce their ayurvedic elixir for respiratory health, Swasamrutham Liquid. This medicine is prepared as per the recommendations in the ancient ayurvedic texts exclusively from herbal ingredients. The company markets Swasamrutham Liquid as a one stop solution to all respiratory disorders.  India is country where respiratory diseases are increasing with every passing day both due to pollution and due to microbes. Nutritional deficiency has also contributed to the share of respiratory diseases in India. Swasamrutham Liquid is designed to help people suffering from any kind of respiratory illness irrespective of the cause.

Most respiratory diseases take a toll on the functioning of our lungs. Here are different ways to keep your lungs healthy without any additional medication. These techniques alongside Swasamrutham Liquid can help keep all kinds of respiratory diseases at bay.


Swasamrutham Liquid is powered by herbs like Thippali , Kadukai and Ginger which help in releasing mucus accumulated in the lungs and throat. The tonic also helps eliminate the microbes which cause common cold and cough. Hence Swasamrutham Liquid is a powerful natural tonic to alleviate common cold and cough. It is prepared exclusively from herbal extracts and hence can also be consumed as a preventive measure for immunity from these diseases.


Bronchitis is marked by the inflammation to the tube which carries air in and out of the lungs. The inflammation is normally caused by viral activity. It results in cell deaths in the respiratory system. Symptoms include continuous coughing and sore throat. The condition can last for weeks and become Acute Bronchitis if not treated early. Swasamrutham Liquid can help relieve the symptoms in case of acute bronchitis. It has unique and powerful herbs like Saffron, Malabar nut; Athimadhuram, Navacharam, Sirunagappu and Jathipatharai which help fight the virus and relieves bronchitis.


Wheezing is characterized by whistling sound which occurs when one is breathing. It occurs due to narrowing of the air passages either due to inflammation or mucus deposits. Swasamrutham is designed to eliminate the mucus and also to relieve inflammation and soothe the air channels thus relieving the condition. Wheezing can be a reoccurring problem in places with high air pollution. In such cases Swasamrutham Liquid can be made a staple at home for immediate relief. It is prepared exclusively from powerful herbs mentioned in Siddha and Ayurveda texts and is completely free of toxic chemicals. It is much safer to consume Swasamrutham Liquid for a long period of time than an allopathic chemical based tonic.


Eosinophilia is a condition in which there is an increased number of disease fighting white blood cells known as eosinophils in the blood. It can cause symptoms like runny nose, asthma, itching and allergies. Swasamrutham Liquid powered by powerful ayurvedic ingredients and exotic spices help manage the white blood cells and thus relieves the symptoms. This ayurvedic elixir is thus useful even in the management of Eosinophilia.


Sinusitis is a condition in which the nasal passages are inflamed. This can cause severe discomfort and irritation. Swasamrutham Liquid powered by Ginger, Pepper, Malabar nut and other anti-inflammatory herbs helps soothe the inflammation and provides comfort. It cools the nasal and respiratory passages and improves quality of breathe. It is useful for both mild and severe cases of sinusitis.

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This is a powerful medicine with a specific action and it is recommended to consult an Ayurvedic physician before consuming this medicine.

It is generally recommended to consume 10 to 15ml, three or four times a day for adults and teenagers above 14 years of age or as comfortable.

It is generally advised to not give more than 5-10 ml, two or three times a day for children below 14 years.


People with moderate to severe conditions are recommended to consume this medicine only after consultations with an ayurvedic physician.

Medical advice is mandatory for pregnant women, lactating mothers and other vulnerable groups with pre-existing conditions.

If consuming Allopathic medicines, 1st take the allopathic medcine and then consume this medicine after a 30 minute interval.


No side effects have been reported for consuming this medicine so far.

If any discomfort is noticed, stop consuming and consult a doctor. 


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