Dabur Stimulex from Dabur India Limited is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine to increase strength, stamina and boost performance. This medicine prepared exclusively from powerful herbs highly rated in ancient ayurvedic texts help boost immunity. 

Dabur Stimulex though a general immunity boosting medicine is specifically helpful in improving sexual debility. This medicine is also a powerful aphrodisiac and can help improve sexual desire and attraction to one’s partner. It is equally beneficial for both genders. There are many medicines in the market which claim to improve sexual desire but are mostly constituted of harmful chemicals which can cause hazardous side effects. Dabur Stimulex is not amongst these dangerous medcines because it is prepared exclusively from plant based ingredients recommended in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Kaunch Pak, Shalajit, Amla and other natural ingredients constitute this medicine.


Kaunch Pak is an ayurvedic jam made with a powerful Shukra dhatu enhancer called Kapikacchu as the main ingredient. It is highly efficient in treating male infertility and also helps to improve sperm quality and count. The plant is abundant in the Indian Sub-continent and has been used to enhance sexual wellbeing for over a thousand years.

Kaunch Pak balances Vata and the ayurvedic jam also contains saffron, clove, and ginger, cinnabar, and similar naturally occurring minerals alongside Kauncha or Kapikachu as the main ingredient. It also contains raisins.  It helps increase muscle strength and body mass apart from improving and regulating blood flow in the body. Researches have also shown Kaunch pak improves human growth hormone. The main medicinal benefit of this ayurvedic preparation is in helping improve sexual drive. It is a powerful aphrodisiac. It also helps improve sperm count in men. Kaunch Pak is the primary ingredient in Dabur Stimulex.


Dabur Stimulex also constitutes of another powerful ayurvedic Shukra Dhatu enhancing ingredient called Shilajit. Shilajit has up to 85 nutrients, including gold, silver, and iron. It grows abundantly in India’s Himalayan belt, from Arunachal Pradesh to Kashmir. The best Shilajit can be found in the Himalayan Mountains. It is known in Sanskrit as the ‘conqueror of the mountains’ and it is regarded as a specialist herb with various health benefits, more akin to a disease conqueror. Its health benefits are mostly due to its high mineral content. Shilajit improves sexual wellbeing in both men and women, but it is more successful in men. It has a superfine rejuvenating effect on the body, making it more resilient and stable. Shilajit was traditionally mixed with milk to boost vitality, productivity, and spiritual wisdom.

Shilajit has far too many advantages to count. To name a few, it is historically thought to aid in human brain development, bone strength, kidney function, immune system enhancement, and pain relief. Shilajit also helps to regulate blood pressure, boost urinary tract function, and rebound from injuries. This wonder ingredient is also a major constituent of Dabur Stimulex.


Dabur Stimulex is primarily constituted of Shilajit and Kaunch Pak but it also has an ocean of other ayurvedic ingredients in minor quantities. 

A rare Indian creeper called Majishta or Arunai is renowned for a plethora of medicinal benefits like helping in cold, cough and fever. It also helps in improving tiredness, relieving hiccups and in improving digestion. It is also a powerful immunity booster and is also recommended in certain heart diseases by ayurvedic doctors. Majishta, an ingredient in Dabur Stimulex also helps in diarrhea and jaundice.

Saptadhatu nourishers like Brahmi, Gudduchi and Amla are also constituents of this ayurvedic medicine.

Kantakari or Indian Nightshade which is used to relivers various Kapha disorders is also an ingredient in Dabur Stimulex. Extracts from bala, honey and grapes are also used.

But this medicine is completely free from chemicals.


Strictly use this medicine only at the advice of an Ayurvedic physician.

It is normally recommended to consume one tablet a day with water before bed.


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