Sarsaparilla As Summer Coolant & Other Health Benefits

An engineer, believer of science and a practical independent girl, I always laughed at those who said ‘Love is blind’, ‘love knows no boundaries’ and other such illogical things.

But guess what, I fell in love!

Two young people falling in love, pretty normal right?

It all happened in a flash that I did not even think about checking his caste or matching our backgrounds. Our hearts matched and that was enough for me!

When we revealed our relation to our parents all these differences started surfacing. I was well expecting a full-on filmy drama, family emotions, fights, separation and reunion, the kind of love stories that makes movies.

But real life is so different! Our parents set have grown beyond these barriers and they fixed our marriage.

Just the way we fell in love in a flash, we got married in a jiffy.

Food, guests, celebrations and gifts! A practical independent girl of the modern century was having her fairy tale wedding!

Maybe that’s how life plays its game!

But the most beautiful thing that happened to me besides my husband is my mother-in-law. Contrary to the popular notion of a jealous, vicious mother-in-law, my husband’s mother was actually sweet.

She not only welcomed me to the family with open arms, but she also made every effort to make me feel like a daughter.

She came to my room and handed me a bottle of Sarsaparilla and said it was the secret that kept her family healthy and away from diseases. Commonly known as a summer coolant, Sarsaparilla actually has some scientific benefits that not only doubles up the immunity but also aids each organ in functioning.

From flawless skin to proper digestion, removal of toxins to extra energy needed after marriage, Sarsaparilla is the dose we all pray for!

My mother-in-law further enlightened me about the quality and efficacy of SN Pandit’s Sarsaparilla specifically, that she brings from Ayurcentral.

It was indeed the best chat that we had! Laughing and giggling like teenage girls. Sarsaparilla not just gifted me a zillion of benefits, it also added colours to my new relations.

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