Ever wondered if you could find a way to avoid amputation of your diabetic wound? Have you suffered from an injury which has left a chronic non-healing or slow healing wound in your body?  Go get your GoHeal Ointment and relieve your pain right now.


GoHeal is a patented topical therapeutic ointment that has been clinically proven to treat non-healing cuts, diabetic foot cuts, burns and sores. It is made from all herbal ingredients and plant extracts with Aloe Vera as the primary ingredient.


The usage of GoHeal is simple. Clean the cut, sterilize it, apply the GoHeal ointment and cover it. GoHeal should be applied from the knee to the toes to increase the blood supply in the legs. For a clinical study, GoHeal was used in 300 patient cases where amputation was recommended including toe amputation, foot amputation and removal of portions under the knee. 292 patients were healed of their wounds, thereby avoiding amputation.




GoHeal increases the inflow of the arterial circulation in the leg of the patients by facilitating normal muscle contractions of the legs (calf muscle pump) and this helps to promote the flow of blood. The key reason that the wounds do not heal in diabetic patients is due to a reduction in blood supply in the blood vessels and the blood within the walls of these vessels is non-oxygenated blood.


When non-oxygenated blood is concentrated in the lower extremity, the tissues are deprived of the nutrients required to facilitate natural immune function. GoHeal has the properties to stimulate muscle contractions in the calf muscle pump; it helps to move the blood towards the heart and, in effect, to restore nutrients and oxygenated blood to the lower leg and foot tissues.


The other important mechanism that operates inside the limb where GoHeal is applied is the continuous drainage of the edema. This excess fluid accumulated within the tissues, when removed, decreases the swelling and discoloration of the skin and also prevents venous skin irritation. When edema is reduced, it encourages efficient stimulation of blood flow, providing the nutrients required to enhance the natural wound healing process with good efficacy.




GoHeal treats the majority of chronic wounds, including pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, arterial lacerations, surgical wounds that have burst open, venous stasis, traumatic wounds, burns and bed sores.




If the wounds do not significantly change in 4 weeks or if the healing process has not been completed in eight weeks, you are at considerable risk of getting a chronic wound. Chronic wounds are very common in elderly and diabetic patients. GoHeal is a fully natural ointment that helps to heal most forms of non-healing wounds.




Diabetic wounds are a problem and need urgent treatment. Owing to decreased blood flow and weakened nerves, patients with high diabetes are at high risk of developing non-healing or infected wounds. Outer wounds such as skin cuts, burns, bumps and bruises can sometimes go unnoticed by the diabetic patient due to peripheral neuropathy. If external wounds go untreated for some time, delayed care can put the patient at risk of more complications. GoHeal helps repair wounds in diabetic patients like this.




People who have been restricted to their beds or wheelchairs due to paralysis or other forms of disability are at high risk of acute or chronic injuries. The most common sore in this group is a pressure sore, usually referred to as a bed sore. It affects the skin and the surrounding tissues due to pressure on the region in contact for a longer period of time. GoHeal helps to cure these sores and encourages the dignity of the skin back to the affected region.




Burn refers to any injury to body tissue caused by heat, chemicals, radiation or electricity. Burns are traditionally characterized by the extent of damage to the layers of the skin. It works irrespective of the level of damage of the burn.


The ointments is also equally effective in treating wounds that occur due to Ulcers, Postphlebetic wounds, Incision marks, Abrasions, Punctures and Lacerations




No side effects are reported for this product.


At times people tend to notice excessive liquid discharges from the affected areas, this is due to the ointment flushing all toxicity in the area and is not a concern


Keep it out of the reach of children




Consult a doctor to know the right method for you. The Company also offers their own counselling for application of Goheal.


It is normally used like any other ointments by applying liberally in the affected area after cleaning the area.




Clean the affected area with mildly salted lukewarm water and dried it softly with cut G-pad.


Clean your hands and dry them before you use the ointment


The level required is very high and hence it is best to get the help of a medical expert.




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