To get an even skin tone, you need to fight the seven skin problems – blemishes, pigmentation, spots, dark circles, wrinkles, pimples and fine lines. Unishade Plus is a natural formula equipped to beat these seven common skin problems.


It further nourishes and hydrates the skin giving a supple and glowy natural look!


Unishade Plus against pollution


The composition of Unishade Plus Cream boosts the natural collagen production and reduces collagen break down. It strengthens skin’s moisture barrier against common irritants. Thus, protecting it against dust, dirt and pollution. 


Unishade Plus against ageing


Unishade Plus is very effective in combating the signs of ageing. It gently softens the fine lines and wrinkles. It locks the natural beauty of your skin. It gives a smooth texture and younger look to your skin.


It is recommended to start using this cream in the early twenties to get more effective results. 


Unishade Plus against dark circles


Enriched with Lecithin, Unishade is effective in reducing your fatty under-eye bags. It increases hydration of the skin. Replaces dead skin cells. Application of the cream around the eyes lightens dark circles. Thus, giving an even tone to the face.


Unishade Plus against pigmentation


This face cream is rich in active ingredients that block excessive melanin production. It contains active ingredients that protect your skin from environmental pollutants and sun damage. It is also effective in removing skin tan and sunburns.


Regular application of the cream gives visible results in reducing pigmentation, dark spots, and age spots. It thus evens out your skin tone giving it a bright and radiant look.


Unishade Plus against blemishes


This amazing organic cream has astringent and antibacterial properties. It works on the root cause of blemishes. Unishade Plus evens out your skin tone and gives you a clear complexion without any dark patches and spots.


Unishade Plus against spots and scars


Long term use of Unishade Plus is found to be effective in removing scars and dark spots. It also fights acne, pimples and blemishes. Reduces discolouration, fades pigmentation, and evens out your skin tone naturally!



Unishade plus against melasma


Melasma, hyperpigmentation or discoloured skin tone is a common problem. It is the dark patches on face, forearms or at the back of the neck. In some cases, melasma can heal naturally, and in some other cases, it might need nature’s support.


Unishade plus aids in healing melasma. It reduces excessive melanin synthesis and prevents skin discolouration. It also reduces post-inflammation hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration caused by an injury.



Conclusion: Go for this Ayurvedic face cream



Use this amazing organic face cream to fight these seven skin problems. Come out of your shadows of doubt and flaunt your smooth and glowy no make-up look. Turn head and make your way ahead by putting your skin woes to bed!


Remember the name Unishade Plus cream – for an even skin tone!

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