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Summer has arrived with the sweaty, prickly and itchy skin problems knocking at the door. It’s time to take care of the skin keeping it cool, dry, fresh and hygienic so as to keep the microbes from thriving on your delicate layering and warding off the chances of allergies and skin problems.
Every summer the market gets flooded with talcum powders repackaged with new promises highlighting new features and many a times fooling the consumers with the trick of words. BRIHATRI offers Dermall Powder that is not only dry and refreshing but also protects the body against infections, skin problems and body odour. It’s a unisex body powder that offers a shield of protection to all skin types. 
BRIHATRI offers the best medicated powder which is blended by fusing potent herbs and minerals to get the perfect balance of natural aroma and medicinal power. This soothing powder contains:
Properties of Dermall powder
Dermall Powder is enriched with properties that help in soothing itch, fighting infections, keeping the skin dry for long and healing wounds. Some of the potent properties of this Ayurvedic gem are listed below. Let’s see what makes it a must-have for your summer care regime:
#Cooling Effect
Absorbing nature 
Itch reliever
Benefits of Dermall powder
Soothe and aid in the healing of distressed skin
From itching and irritation to chafing
Soothes and calms the skin fast
It provides extra cooling power, moisture absorption, and extra itch relief.
This #Dermallpowder is designed for regular use and is targeted to support healthy skin by combating several skin woes. It gives best results when used in:
Excessive perspiration
Prickly heat
#Fungal infections
Other ways of using this medicated powder
To get rid of socks smell
Pouring few grains of the powder on the smelly socks helps you get rid of the bad odour..
Applying the powder on inner thighs help to reduce sweating and friction, thereby, cutting down the possibilities of rashes or blisters.

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