The yummilicious variety of Indian snacks, meals or the tangling bites often results in the uncomfortable acidity and heartburn which can easily spoil all the plans for the day. Fortunately, the lip-smacking pocket friendly churan golis comes to rescue at such times. These churan golis are small digestive balls made with exotic digestive spices, herbs and a variety of fruits.

A blend of several herbs and spices make up the powdered mixture called churna. The sensational tastes of different ingredients blended into a small ball tickle and tantalize all the taste buds at once. These mouth-watering churan is often a mandate post our hefty meals to lighten the heaviness of the big feast. These churans are possibly one of the best to quieten the stomach.


Types of Churan golis

  • These tiny digestive balls are a blast of taste and benefits. They are already our favourite and their availability in different flavours just takes it to a whole new level. Many forms of these digestive candies are available including Pachak Chhuhara Goli, Jeera Vati Goli, Mango Slice Aam Pachak, Pudina Vati Goli, Hing Goli, and Anardana Goli. All these Golis are processed using ingredients that are proven for their effectiveness.
  • These wide varieties of churan golis are available in diverse sizes and tastes. These amazing golis use the digestive power of jeera, asafotida, dried ginger powder, fennel seeds or a combo of multiple potent digestives. The Ayurvedic Laddus such as Imli Laddu and Gat Hajam Laddu are prepared using quality ingredients and are known for their delicious taste and medicinal properties.

Benefits of Churan Goli

  • Ayurvedic Churan golis are widely used for boosting digestion and treating stomach disorders. The herbal mixture is potent of purifying the blood and improving digestion and is recommended by many Ayurvedic practitioners to prevent or treat inflammation.
  • The churan golis are known for having anti-flatulent, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anthelminitic, laxative, and expectorant qualities. The acute blend of right amounts of organic herbs and spices are very beneficial for curing acidity, gas, and indigestion.

Aids Digestion
Churan Goli is well known for its efficacy in enhancing the appetite and improving digestion. Blended in sweet and sour taste, these shots of churans work wonder in relieving the woes associated with troubled digestion. Consumption of pachak anardana goli prevents constipation and gastric distress.

Eases Bowel Movement
The amazing churan Goli promotes good bowel movement and prevents nutrition loss. It enhances the secretion of digestive juices in the right proportion thus boosts appetite. Regular intake of the churan golis keeps the body detoxified which aids in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Mouth Freshener
The amazing fuse of incredible cardamoms makes it a great mouth freshener. It can be used to combat bad breathe and tickle the taste of the mouth.

Boosts Immune
It builds the immune system of the body and protects the body from infections. These are rich in antioxidants that protects and prevents multiple diseases like arthritis, heart diseases etc.

Side Effects

  • The Ayurvedic churan golis are made with all herbal and organic ingredients making it safe and efficient for use.
  • However, like anything in excess is not good, similarly, churan golis when taken in excess may cause loose motion and result in an upset stomach.


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