Lotus seeds or Fox nuts are also called Makhana colloquially. These are one of the favorite snack items for many Indians. Makhana is roasted and consumed in many parts of India regularly along with their evening chai. The lotus is India’s national flower and the plant is widely available across the country. It no surprise if you just walked into an Indian home and you are offered roasted Makhana along with tea or coffee as a welcome snack. But does this favorite Indian snack item really promote weight loss? If yes, how much can we count on our delicious lotus seeds for reducing weight? How to consume them to promote weight loss? Read on to find out.

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Lotus seeds are a rich source of protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They are vital to the building of muscle mass and development of tissues in the body. Proteins also take a relatively longer time to digest, which means when you eat a protein-rich snack like Lotus seeds, you can keep hunger at bay for a long time.

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Makhanas or Lotus seeds are also a rich source of calcium and iron. Calcium helps in improving the strength of the bones. After the age of 35, bones start to weaken in most people, especially women. Replacing regular snack times like biscuits, fried chips and oiled snacks with Lotus seeds is an easy way to improve health. While other snacks are loaded with calories, Makhana or Lotus seeds are loaded with calcium for bone development. Calcium is also essential for healthy teeth. If you want to chew your favorite food for the rest of your lifetime, it is important to get your daily dose of calcium without fail.

Iron is another vital mineral that helps improve the strength of the bones and muscles. Iron deficiency can reduce strength, stamina and cause many nutrient deficient diseases. Roasted Lotus seeds are an easy way to get your daily dose of iron simply by chewing your favorite snack. Since Lotus seeds are loaded with calcium and iron, it is the recommended snack for pregnant women.

People with high blood pressure also tend to run out of options to snack. Most snacks are loaded with salt aka sodium making it a ‘no-go zone’ for high B.P people. Roasted Makhana is low in sodium and high in healthy minerals like magnesium and potassium making them a safer bet for people with high blood pressure.

Lotus seeds also have a low glycemic index. They aren’t a good source of fats or carbohydrates which makes them a safer option for people who are diabetic as well. They are also a rich source of anti-oxidants. They help relieve oxidative stress. Lotus seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties. They have an astringent taste which makes them harmless on the kidneys and liver.

So in all ways, Lotus seeds are much healthier than other snack items to assist your evening tea.


It is not an exaggeration to say Lotus seeds are one of the best low-calorie snacks available. If you are on a diet regime to shed some calories but miss those yummy fries which enriched your evening tea, Lotus seeds can offer solutions. A report from the United States Department of Agriculture has stated that 32 grams of Lotus seeds contain just 106 calories! So if you are on a diet regime and are doing your exercises regularly Lotus seeds can be your snack which helps promote weight loss and keep your ‘calorie intake’ low.

Lotus seeds contain almost no fats. The saturated fat content in Makhana is negligible. There is no need to worry about adding fats as you consume your favorite snack if had opted for Lotus seeds as your snack item. Lotus seeds also are a poor source of carbohydrates and sugars. This makes it the best go-to snack item for people who are trying to shed calories.

Being a protein-rich snack, Lotus seeds also take time to digest and keep your hunger away. So if your appetite is the reason for your increased weight Lotus seeds can help bring down your appetite. At the same time they can also keep you nourished.


Lotus seeds or Fox nuts are available in our store. Click here to buy. Once you have your product delivered. Wash them and simply roast or ground them with a pinch of salt and spice. You shall add some ghee to taste and your favorite snack is ready.

Lotus seeds can also be left soaked in water overnight and added to your salads to increase its nutrients and fat burning ability.

You will not lose a lot of weight by simply consuming Lotus seeds. It is important to combine the consumption of these healthy nuts with a proper diet and exercise regime. What it really does is, it increases the outcome of your workout regime. It also helps keep hunger at bay and helps your fasting/ diet regime.

So add lotus seeds as an adjuvant for your weight loss regime now!

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