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One of the most common encounters in clinical practice is sexual complaints. 

A sedentary lifestyle, haywire diet, bizarre sleep routines, lack of physical activities, smoking, drinking, and chronic diseases have resulted in impaired sex life.

Today, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression are on a rise. 

These mental hazards negatively impact one’s sex life. 

It is well known that sex is a great stress buster. But stress can lower the sex drive and cause impotence.

This is the prime reason for rising infertility cases, lost libido, and other sexual problems in adults.

But because of the social stigma associated with sex, most men don’t seek medical help from a qualified doctor.

Modern medicine comes with the risk of side-effects. Leaving these issues unattended can leads to unhappiness, inferiority complex and marital disharmony. 

Ayurveda offers natural herbal formulas to treat sexual problems naturally. Along with Ayurvedic formulations, simple lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, sleep and help can make things right.

Check out these 3 Ayurvedic Medicines for Sexual Complaints.

3 Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Sexual Complaints.


Afrol Plus Capsule – Gold – Solumiks


Afrol Plus Gold Cap is an ayurvedic medicine for sexual dysfunction. It is highly effective in restoring libido, treating premature ejaculation and correcting erectile dysfunction. Doctors trust Afrol Plus Capsules for uplifting a man’s sexual performance naturally.

Afrol Plus naturally arouses sexual desire. It improves sexual performance. Relieves anxiety and boosts confidence. Afrol Plus is a non-hormonal, efficacious and safe aphrodisiac used in the management of sexual complaints. 



Ajax Cap – Kerala Ayurveda 


Ajax Cap is an ayurvedic aphrodisiac designed for improving male sexual vigour and vitality. This herbal medication enhances libido, boosts strength and stamina. It helps maintain the sustained penile erection. Ajax by Kerala Ayurveda is a highly effective Male Aphrodisiac.


This unique herbal formula induces sexual desire. It boosts the production of sperms, relieves anxiety and stress, improves stamina and enhances performance. Ajax also improves Sperm Health. Prevents Premature Ejaculation. Enhances Libido. 


Vigorex Gold Capsule – Zandu


Vigorex Capsules is a unique ayurvedic herbo-mineral formulation. It is a great aphrodisiac, adaptogenic and anti-oxidant agent. Its unique natural ingredients make it a strong powerful stress buster. Vitality herbs reduce stress and enhance energy. It boosts libido and provides energy and stamina.

Vigorex Capsules: Increases Sexual Performance. Treats Erectile Dysfunction. Helps in Strength training. Relieves Aches and Pains. It naturally boosts libido and enhances performance. Vigorex is also helpful in treating muscle weakness, fatigue, low libido and erectile dysfunction. 



Though these Ayurvedic medicines are natural and safe, it is advised to use these medicines only under ayurvedic doctor’s supervision. These medicines shall be administered as per doctor’s instructions.


Natural ways to boost sex


Aphrodisiacs – Foods like almonds, avocados, asparagus, basil, berries, chilli peppers are great aphrodisiacs.

Exercise – Exercising improves blood circulation in the body which is very helpful in improving sexual performance.

Rest – Stress can cast a negative shadow on one’s sexual performance. Getting ample rest and proper sleep automatically enhances sexual performance.

Chocolates – A study revealed that chocolate promotes the production of aphrodisiac and has mood-lifting effects.

Meditate – Another way to relieve stress is meditation. It helps in boosting confidence and improving performance.

Massage – An Ayurvedic massage improves blood circulation, releases pain and ache. It rejuvenates the body and improves things on the bed!

Focus on foreplay – Spending more time on touching and kissing can improve libido. Foreplay is particularly important for women. A study revealed around 33.6 per cent of women gets an orgasm on stimulation of the clitoris.

Quit Smoking – People who smoke cigarettes may find that their energy levels low and their sex drive poor.

Manage Anxiety – Stress and anxiety seem to become a part and parcel of life. Both of these negatively impacts sexual drive.

Strengthen your relationship – Emotional connect helps in better sexual performance.


When to see a doctor?

If an unattended mental wound is impacting one’s sexual performance then getting a counselling might help!

Also in the case of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, getting help from an ayurvedic expert is recommended

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