Are you suffering from heel spurs? Is your movement being restricted due to unbearable pain underneath your heel? Do you feel like your feet are not able to bear the weight of your body when you try to walk around? For all those problems which give you pain in the heels, here is a one-stop multi-herbal solution from Arya Vaidya Nilayam! Burcalivin Soft Gel capsules from AVN Ayurveda can provide relief from heel spurs or calcaneal spurs from the first dose.

Burcalvin is a complex ayurvedic medicine prepared by a combination of more than two dozen ingredients highly rated in ancient ayurvedic texts which are mixed in a unique proposition for pain relief and wholesome nourishment. This is a unique ayurvedic tablet with a specific action to heal calcaneal spur which occurs in the heel of the feet.

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A calcaneal spur is a condition caused by the deposition of calcium in the heel. This process happens over a period of time. A calcaneal spur which is sometimes referred to as a heel spur is a bony protrusion of the calcaneal tubercle aka the heel bone. X-rays are commonly used to detect calcaneal spurs. It’s a kind of extra growth that extends outwards from an existing bone.

Calcium deposits form on the bottom of the heel bone when a foot is subjected to continual tension. In most cases, this has little impact on a person’s everyday life. However, recurrent stress can cause these deposits to stack on top of one another, resulting in a spur-shaped deformity known as a calcaneal or the heel spur.

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There are two major types of Calcaneal spurs. Inferior spurs and Posterior spurs.

An inferior calcaneal spur is a spur on the inferior portion of the calcaneus that often develops as a result of plantar fasciitis over time, although it can also be connected with ankylosing spondylitis. An inferior calcaneal spur is a calcification of the calcaneus that sits superior to the plantar fascia at the plantar fascia’s insertion.  

A posterior calcaneal spur forms near the insertion of the Achilles tendon on the rear of the heel. A posterior calcaneal spur is frequently big and noticeable through the skin, and allopathic doctors will call for its removal as part of the therapy for insertional Achilles tendinitis.

Burcalvin Soft Gel capsules are a multi herbal formulation designed by Arya Vaidya Nilayam exclusively from ayurvedic ingredients to treat all types of calcaneal spurs.


Burcalvin Soft Gel capsules are loaded with powerful ayurvedic ingredients like Til oil, Pushkara moola, Punaranava, Amla, Bhibitaki, Haritaki, Brahmi, Devadaru, Shatavari, Bilva and a host of other powerful indigenous herbs. This makes it not only a reliever of all symptoms of heel spur but also a complete body nourisher and a tridosa balancer. This ayurvedic capsule can help relieve stress on the calcaneal bone and can help it back to normal. It also helps relieve pain. Burcalvin capsules are normally prescribed alongside other external medications for relief from heel spur or calcaneal spur.


These ayurvedic capsules are 100% paraben free

They are equally effective for men and women

It contains no chemicals or artificial preservatives.


This is an action-oriented medicine and is highly recommended to be taken only at the prescription of an ayurvedic physician.

Normally it is advised to consume one capsule at a time two times a day for relief from the heel spur.

The dosage can vary according to the other supporting medicines and oils prescribed and according to one’s condition, type of spur, Prakriti, guna karmas and spiritual orientation.


This is a multi-herbal-specific action ayurvedic formula and is not recommended for any other purposes.

It is advisable for vulnerable people like pregnant women and lactating mothers to strictly consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this medicine.

It is safe to consume this medicine for up to 6 weeks. After which a break of 15 days is recommended before restarting the dosage.

This medicine might react with allopathic medicines. If you are consuming any allopathic medicines, it is advisable to consume the allopathic medicine first and then take a 30-minute break. Then have Burcalvin capsules.

It does not react and is safe to consume alongside homeopathic medicines.


No side effects are reported for consuming this medicine in recommended doses.


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