A salty or pungent snack is a must to accompany our evening tea for most Indians. It is the same in many other countries as well. But most of the snack items available in market are unhealthy and the alternatives which are healthy like raw seeds don’t really feel like a snack that you can pop into your mouth at will. Roasting and salting seeds is not a new practice in India. From time memorial our ancestors have used this technique to make healthy seeds and nuts pleasing to the taste buds to enjoy the double benefits of nutrition and taste. Brihatri offers ‘ready to eat’ roasted and salted pumpkin seeds which have all the health benefits of the raw seeds at the same time offers a superior taste.

Consuming Brihatri Pumpkins ‘Roasted and Salted’ with your evening tea or coffee is the easiest way to get your daily dose of astringent taste and a plethora of many other minerals. The roasted and salted version of these seeds is also loaded with essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. They also are rich in variants of vitamin B like folates and riboflavin apart from being a renowned source of vitamin K and proteins. Brihatri Pumpkin seeds ‘Roasted and Salted’ offer an opportunity to get so many vital nutrients into your body just by popping some of these ready to eat and taste seeds.

If you have decided to make Pumpkin seeds a part of your daily life, it is best to opt for Brihatri Pumpkin seeds. Brihatri aspires to offer the best quality products for its consumers. The seeds are sourced from the best farms in the country and are sun-dried, roasted and salted in a hygienic environment upholding all the recommended standards to offer the best quality for its consumers. There might be quality products from other companies but they can at best match the quality of Brihatri but can never offer better in terms of quality of the product and its health benefits. 


This seed-based snack offers many nutritious benefits. The most notable is its ability to offer instant energy to the body. Pumpkin seeds have a fair amount of calories which are accessible to the body upon consumption. This helps relieve fatigue, tiredness and weakness. If your children are allergic to food and are not eating enough food required to keep them healthy, just pop a few Brihatri Pumpkin seeds ‘Roasted and Salted’ into their mouths every day to prevent fatigue and tiredness and to get the necessary energy to do their daily activities. They also help in offering a fresh mood free from drowsiness. Pumpkin seeds are also highly recommended for insomnia.

Regularly consuming pumpkin seeds can induce a sound sleep free from stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are the primary reason for sleeplessness amongst many people in India. In our modern corporate-based lifestyle stress has become an integral part of our life. Pumpkin seeds contain a phyto-component called tryptophan which helps in destressing the mind which in turn relieves the symptoms of insomnia. 


These canned pumpkin seeds from Brihatri are roasted and salted making them an ideal snack for diabetes patients. Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds may not lead to high fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Hence is it pretty safe for diabetic patients to opt for roasted and salted pumpkin seeds over other fried snacks to help manage blood sugar level. These seeds offer a healthy and tasty alternative for people with diabetes who yearn for a snack to bite along with their evening tea.

Pumpkin seeds are safe to consume for diabetes patients as a part of their strict diabetic diet regime along with the recommended medications. It is not an alternative for your medicine. It does offer some vital nutrients but is not a substitute for insulin. Ayurveda has some interesting and less painful treatments to manage diabetes. Click here to read more on that.


Pumpkin seeds help improve sperm quality. A deficiency in zinc is directly linked to lower production of sperms in men. It could also result in malnourished and poor-quality sperms. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc which when made a regular part of your diet can help improve sperm quality over a period of time. It can also prevent deterioration in quantity and quality of the same.

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This is a snack item from Brihatri. It is recommended to consume at least 30 grams of roasted and salted pumpkin seeds with your evening tea for a healthy living. Click here to see other seed snack alternatives by Brihatri.


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