Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Migraine

Migraine is nothing like a regular headache you get at the end of an exhausting day. Rather these are regular and painful headaches, usually on one side of the head. Migraines are usually characterized by severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation. They are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. 

At least one in hundred people suffer from some form of migraine. The worst thing about a migraine attack is that it can last for hours to days. The pain can be so severe that it can cripple the person and shackle them to bed. 

Modern medicines offer symptomatic remedies to migraine but nothing can guarantee a long term or permanent cure. Ayurveda offers several natural formulations that not only bring symptomatic relief but also offers long term benefits. Ayurvedic formulations reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. And in some cases, it can completely reverse the condition naturally.

Here are the best medicines for migraines that Ayurvedic doctors trust to treat migraines

Migrakot tablet – Kottakkal Ayurveda

Migrakot is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine very effective in calming migraine attacks. Prepared with a unique combination of the herbal ingredients, Migrakot is an ideal choice for soothing migraine.  It is anti-emetic, analgesic and vasorelaxant. It eases symptoms of migraine and headache.

This herbal formulation is based on the preparation of Pathyakshadhatryadi Kwatham mentioned in Sharangadhara Samhita. Its cooling properties ease the pain and support the nervous system. It also strengthens the senses and balances all three of the Doshas. 

Mygrane Tablet – Pankaja Kasthuri

Mygrane tablet is an ayurvedic herbal tablet effective in migraine and headaches. This Ayurvedic tablet has cooling and calming effects that bring relief immediately. 

It also helps in bringing down the symptoms of migraine-like, headache, vomiting or nausea. It is blessed with properties like natural vasodilatation, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic. This amazing tablet is known to cure even the oldest cases of migraine.

Dologran Tablet – Ayurchem

Dologran is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that excels in relieving migraines. It is prepared with Pathyadi, Shirsuladi vajra ras, Godanti Bhasma, and Laghusutshekhar ras. It is effective in a headache due to hyperacidity, migraine, and sleeplessness. This Ayurvedic medicine is also effective in stress and anxiety.

Dologran reduces the severity and frequency of migraine attacks. It gives long term relief from migraines. It also relieves other symptoms of migraine like nausea, loss of appetite, drowsiness, and vomiting. It also prevents recurrent physical and psychological headache

Shirashuladi Vajra Ras – Brihatri

Shirashuladi vajra Ras is a herbo-mineral classical ayurvedic formulation effective in different types of headaches. It is indicated by experts in treating headaches, migraine, tension headache and vascular headache.

Brihatri is one of the most trusted, effective and safe brands. However, Shirashuladivajra Ras contains heavy metal ingredients. Hence it should only be taken under strict medical supervision. 

Anu Taila – Brihatri

Anu Taila is a classical formulation prepared using many herbs. This herbal oil has the properties to treat diseases related to the head, scalp, hair, eyes, nose, oral cavity, teeth, ear and throat. Anu taila can be used internally also through the nasal route and can be applied externally.

It is trusted by experts and indicated in curing Allergic rhinitis, premature greying of hairs, hair fall, headache, migraine. Just massaging the oil gently on the scalp brings relief to headaches and migraines. Its regular application reduces the severity and frequency of migraines.

Ayurveda on Migraines

Ayurveda is known to offer safe and herbal remedies that cure the disorders from its roots. However, for better efficacy and safety, it is always recommended to use Ayurvedic formulations after doctor’s consultation.  

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