Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Anemia

As the junks platers replaced the traditional plate, nutritional deficiency has emerged as a major concern. This results in a compromised immune system and a cluster of casualties. Especially in the demanding times of pregnancy, motherhood and recovery from injury. 

Ayurveda offers natural, herbal and safe solutions for such times. Here are the 7 best Ayurvedic medicines used worldwide to treat anaemia. These herbal medicines endow many other benefits as well. 

Efiplus Cap – Solumiks

Efiplus Cap is an herbo-mineral preparation. It is a rich source of natural iron and an excellent hematinic. It possesses excellent GI tolerance and does not cause any gastric irritation. Efiplus Cap is trusted by doctors to treat iron deficiency in anaemia.

This Ayurvedic medicine further supports the healthy functioning of the liver. It protects the gastrointestinal tract from damage. It consists of potent herbs like Shuddha Kaseesa, Musta and Yashtimadhu. These ingredients improve the absorption and bioavailability of iron in the body. This Ayurvedic formulation helps in enhancing the haemoglobin level.


Hemi-C Syrup – Arya Aushadi

Hemi-C Syrup is a dietary supplement. It is helpful in the treatment, control, prevention and improvement of iron deficiency. It is used in the treatment of megaloblastic anaemias caused due to a deficiency of folic acid. It is also used in the treatment of anaemias of nutritional origin, pregnancy and infancy.  

Hemic C  syrup also works well in treating general debility and low resistance. It is also available in the form of capsules

Raktda Tablet – Maharishi Ayurveda

Raktda tablet is another potent ayurvedic proprietary medicine used in recovering from anaemia. These tablets are rich in iron, calcium, minerals and natural herbs. Rakdta is effective in treating iron deficiencies of various origin. It has Lauha Bhasma in micronized particles which enhances iron absorption naturally. This Ayurvedic medicine is safe and does not cause any side effects.

Raktda tablets cure iron deficiency anaemia, nutritional anaemia, anaemia due to chronic blood loss. It also helps in recovering from anaemia following infection or other haemolytic disorders. It is safe in pregnancy and lactation.

Xerfer – AVN

Xerfer Cap is an ayurvedic herbo-mineral preparation. It has calcinated iron and zinc which helps in increasing RBCs. It also is rich in vitamin C which helps better absorption of iron.

It promotes natural RBC formation in the body and is effective in treating Anaemia.  It is rich in Vitamin C that enhances Iron absorption. It contains punarnava that prevents oedema through its diuretic property. 

4blud Tablet – Apex Lab

4 blud syrup is one of the best ayurvedic proprietary medicine for anaemia. It is the perfect combination of herbs effective in supplementing the daily needs of iron requirement. The herbs help in improving the Haemoglobin count. It relieves the symptoms of anaemia, strengthens immunity and restores energy and well-being. 

4 Blud tablets are multifunctional. They are effective in combating memory loss, allergic rhinitis, stress, loose motion and ulcer. Also indicated in curing eczema, fever, colitis, diarrhoea and other conditions. This herbal formulation also scavenges free radicles and offers oodles of benefits to the body.

Amyron Tablets – Aimil Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Amyron Tablets is a unique formula to treat fatigue and tiredness of all ages. It is effective in boosting red blood cell production. Overcomes Vitamin A and vitamin b3 deficiency. This Ayurvedic remedy is also used to cure leg pain due to blocked arteries. Treats eye disorders, skin diseases and migraines. It shows potential benefits in high blood pressure, Cell damage and other conditions.

Prepared with herbs specially blended to enhance overall health. It fulfils a nursing mother’s nutritional needs. It is revered as the best supplement for anaemia in pregnancy. It cures Nutritional anaemia, general debility, anorexia, convalescence and oxidative stress. This Ayurvedic formulation is safe and free of side effects.

Ayurveda in Anaemia

Ayurveda is the age-old science of medicine that corrects the disorders naturally. It implements herbal and herbo-mineral formulations to cure the diseases and restore health. Ayurvedic formulations are safe and effective. But it is very important to consult an Ayurvedic physician before administration of these drugs. 


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