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Kashisadi Taila is a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation, well known for the treatment of piles or hemorrhoids. It is used for external application on piles, corns or warts to soften the inflamed tissues and reduce their size. It’s antiseptic and disinfectant activities help in combating itchiness and pain by preventing the growth of microorganisms and bacteria in the anal area.

Kashisadi Taila is particularly recommended for the treatment of piles, anal fissures, and warts.

Piles is a condition marked by a collection of inflamed and swollen tissues which often results in constipation, anal bleeding, pain, and constant irritation. Kaseesadi Taila has an alkaline and corrosive nature that is effective in abrasion and shrinking the external growths that cause piles. It has shown amazing results in curing first- and second-degree piles.

Grade I: There are small inflammations, usually inside the lining of the anus. They are not visible.

Grade II: These are larger than grade I, but remain inside the anus. They may get pushed out during the passing of stool.

Anal Fissures:
An anal fissure is a small cut, crack, or tear in the anus and anal canal. This causes severe pain accompanied by bright red bleeding during and after the bowel movement. Kaseesadi Taila is very effective in healing such wounds whilst keeping the infections at bay.

Warts are caused by a virus that invades the skin through tiny cuts or scrapes. Kaseesadi Taila is apt at curing the cuts and fighting off the harmful viruses.

Corns are painful skin conditions that consist of thickening in the skin in the areas of repeated pressure. Kaseesadi Taila moistures the area and softens the skin thus easing and removing the corn.

Benefits of Kaseesadi Taila:
Kaseesadi Taila is a blend of many herbal ingredients in acute proportions that are targeted to soothe piles and its associated allies. Massaging the oil externally on the anal area helps in relieving piles and its symptoms.

Some of the well-known perks of Kaseesadi Taila are:

  • It is very helpful in the treatment of piles and fistula which refers to an abnormal tract found in the buttock area connecting the skin and anal canal
  • It is potent in destroying bacterial growth which results in infection in the genital area.
  • It is useful in the treatment of warts which means small skin tumors. Regular application of Kaseesadi Taila on warts can make them disappear in almost fifteen days.
  • The Kaseesadi Taila lubricates and softens the swollen mass in piles.
  • Its anti-microbial actions help in combating itching of anus.
  • It soothes the burning sensations and irritation of the anus.
  • It moistures the area making bowel movement easier thus preventing bleeding from the pile.
  • Its corrosive nature is helpful in shrinking the pile mass.
  • It provides relief from pain caused by piles.


  • Wash the affected area neatly before application of Kaseesadi Taila.
  • It is recommended for external application once or twice a day or as per doctor’s advice.
  • If the piles are not visible outside, then the oil is injected through a nozzle or syringe into the anus.

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