We live in such a competitive world where keeping uptime matters the most. To become successful in life one should value the time and also should know how to use it effectively. Intellects value time more than money since lost money can be regained but not the lost time. Thus, it’s very important to have such a lifestyle that favors the best usage of time. And getting up early in the morning is one such practice that is considered as the key to success.


Almost everyone wants to be successful but then only a few succeed simply because it demands focus, dedication, and commitment. Similarly, even though the majority of the people wish to reap the benefits of waking up early in the morning only a few ends up achieving. However, nothing is impossible to accomplish when a person has a deep desire to do something. As we all know that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” For efficient usage of a day, Ayurveda suggests waking up early in the morning, around 45 minutes before sunrise which is called Braahmi Muhurtha. Ancient ayurvedic texts also provide a few effective tips to become an early riser which are as follows:


Self-isolation from all electronic gadgets before going to sleep


An adequate amount of last night’s sleep is essential for the body and mind to be fully active on the next morning. Thus, it’s important to go to bed early so that one can rise up early. For ancient people, it was very easy to follow this practice as they didn’t have many obstacles such as mobiles, laptops, tabs, etc like we do! It will be great if we’re able to assume that those gadgets don’t even exist after 9 pm so that unnecessary distractions can be avoided and can go to sleep early.


Have an early light dinner


It’s a known fact that to stay healthy along with the quality of food, quantity also matters. The most common pattern followed by the people when it comes to food quantity is to have a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch, and a light dinner. Having a light dinner between 6-7 pm not only helps to stay healthy but also aids in waking up early. Heavy dinner which includes sweets, oily foods, etc. should be avoided. Going to bed with a light appetite helps to become an early bird.



Position of an alarm clock


Despite we sleep with the strong determination of rising up early, without the help of an alarm clock it isn’t that easy to wake up. Also, we can’t always rely on our family members or roommates to wake up all the time as even they can miss out. Thus, it’s the best idea to set timing on the alarm clock and place quite far from the bed. Why far? Well, if it’s kept at the reachable distance from the cot, there are more chances of one snoozing or off the alarm and going back to sleep again! After all, early morning nap is the sweetest nap. 


Drink water


Water plays a vital role in the human body. Out of many health benefits, we obtain from drinking pure water, it also helps in waking up early. On drinking a glass of water before going to sleep urges a person to rise early due to the need for emptying bladder by urinating. Those who have diseases like diabetes and other urinating issues like frequent urination are recommended not to consider this tip.


Plan following day activities before sleeping


Along with getting up early in the morning, how we are going to use the entire day also matters. Planning the next day activities with schedules not only creates a sense of determination but it also reminds our coming day work commitments. Having a purpose behind doing something will always yield good results. Thus planning for the next day will be a motivation for one to rise early.


Regardless of whichever tips being followed one ought to be patient enough until getting used to the new lifestyle. Certainly, it will be difficult during the initial days. However, one has to hold on with the never giving up attitude knowing the fact, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

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