Naalppaamaraadi Keram – Nagarjuna

Nalapamaradi taila is a herbal combination processed in coconut oil. Coconut oil has potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. This makes it very effective in soothing itching and treating skin allergies and diseases.

This potent Ayurvedic composition also contains Turmeric and sandalwood. Turmeric is very effective in soothing sunburns and Sandalwood endows that soft, supple skin. Regular use of Nalapamaradi Taila shows amazing results in enhancing the complexion. 



This Ayurvedic beauty product also serves as a powerful cleanser, make-up remover and deodorizer. It is 100% natural and safe herbal oil which is popularly used as baby massage oil. It helps to relieve minor skin conditions in babies and helps to lighten their skin complexion naturally.

Ayurvedic doctors refer for fungal infections, dermatitis, scabies, eczema, other allergies. It should be used as per expert’s advice for best results.



Mahamanjishtadi Kashayam – Nagarjuna

Mahamanjishtadi Kashayam is another popular Ayurveda preparation that works wonders on the skin. It is a potent herbal skincare formula for clear skin and better complexion. 

The Kashayam acts as a blood purifier which reduces pitta vitiation, enhances blood circulation and improves skin complexion. It nourishes the skin from within giving that fresh and youthful look.




Ayurvedic doctors widely recommend this Kashayam in treating skin diseases, gout, syphilis, non-healing wounds. It also aids in the treatment of pimples and eye diseases. This naturally made herbal beauty enhancer is 100% safe and effective.

Using it in daily skincare regime gives remarkable results within a few weeks! 



Gram Flour Soap – Sadguru Ayurveda


Gram flour is used for beauty purpose in India since millennia. The face masks are quite popular across all ages and gender for its amazing properties.  However, the gram flour masks can get messy. That’s why Ayurveda introduced this Gram Flour Soap which offers the same benefits but in a much hassle-free way!




The Ayurvedic Gram Flour soap is very effective in removing tan. It has good cleansing and anti-microbial properties that scraps dead skin cells and offers skin rejuvenation.

Gram Flour aids in combating the secretion of excess oil. It cures acne and offers an instant glow by lightening the skin complexion. This organic skincare product is perfectly safe for daily use. 



These beauty products are completely safe and effective and do not cause any side effects. But if you have any pre-existing skin allergies then it is recommended to consult an ayurvedic practitioner for better guidance. 


5 DIY face packs you must try


·  Rice scrub for skin whitening.

·  Egg and honey mask for skin tightening and anti-ageing.

·  Cucumber mask for skin hydration.

·  Ubtan or haldi, besan and yoghurt mask for de-tanning.

·  Papaya and milk mask for better complexion.


An Ayurvedic doctor’s advice for beautiful skin


Shield your skin

Your skin is the largest organ, the outer cover that protects your body. The skin endures the dust and dirt, the burn and coarse. That’s why it’s important to offer the skin potent protection. Wear clothes that cover your skin and use natural sunscreens to protect it from the rays. Use a natural moisturizer to nourish your skin. And never skip your sacred skincare regime!


Nourish with nutrients

What goes inside reflects outside! The skin mirrors your internal health. So, make sure you are feeding your body right. Eating a balanced diet high in nutrition helps in getting that natural glow on the skin. Avoid unhealthy food and eat in a balanced way. Balance is the key to good health. Add lots of fruits and veggies, nuts and berries. Drink gallons of water for that flawless and ageless look on your face.



Beauty begins from within

Your skin not just spills the secrets of what you feed the body, but it also gives a glimpse of what you feed the mind! Worries, stress, anxiety and depression makes the skin dull and dead. These negative emotions trigger acne and quicken ageing. From grey hair to dark spots and blemishes, negativity within is reflected through these. Practice gratitude, meditation, yoga and prayers to satiate the soul.


Never skip your sleep

Millennials are turning out to be night owls and the Z genres are night watchers! They just can’t sleep. Scrolling the feeds of their mobile and binge-watching shows they pass the night all awake, and sleep through the day missing their meals. This unhealthy routine takes a toll on the skin. An undisciplined sleep routine weakens the immunity and makes the skin age faster!


Say no to stress

One thing that causes the maximum damage is stress. It crushes the system bit by bit. From chronic ails like cancer and diabetes to daily woes of acne and dark spots, stress is the culprit that causes all! So, make sure to follow a destressing regime. Be it listening to music or dancing off to unwind. Taking a warm bath before bed or going for a deep massage every week. Give your mind some rest and soothe your skin with pampering!

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