Kerala Ayurveda’s Glymin Plus tablets are an ayurvedic medicine to treat diabetes. It is made exclusively from naturally occurring herbal ingredients. Diabetes is a chronic condition which requires patients to have some medication or the other throughout their life. Most diabetic patients opt for allopathic treatments. The side effects of allopathic medications cause kidney and liver diseases in the long run. Uncontrolled diabetes might in itself cause kidney issues, heart problems, diabetic retinopathy, infections, and blood pressure etc.

Kerala Ayurveda had earlier come up with Glymin tablets, an herbal formula with naturally occurring ingredients that have the potential to bring down blood sugar levels. Now Glymin comes with double power and benefits in form of Glymin Plus. Apart from reducing blood sugar levels, it will also help prevent the complications and side effects which occur due to diabetes. It is effective in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Glymin Plus is prepared with a combination of the following ingredients.







Salacia Oblonga

Gotandi Bhasma



Arjuna extracts



Kerala Ayurveda promotes 6 super incentives for using Glymin Plus tablets. These are

1) Glymin Plus tablets help regulate blood sugar levels. It brings down sugar levels in hyperglycemic patients.

2) Herbs like Amla and Guduchi help to manage complications that occur due to diabetes like diabetic retinopathy.

3) Glymin Plus tablets are useful in maintaining a healthy lipid profile.

4) It helps improve insulin secretion and also promotes dissolution of glucose in the blood stream. Meshashringi is an herb which helps improve insulin secretion and Asana another ingredient herb promotes glucose utilization.

5) One of the biggest problems for diabetic patients is their frequent hunger. Glymin Plus tablets help control hunger.

6) Glymin Plus tablets affect the tridosas by pacifying Kapha.



Amla and Guduchi are herbs which have all six identified rasas or tastes in Ayurveda and are considered as complete body rejuvenators. Both these herbs also have the potential to be standalone blood sugar regulators and help reduce blood sugar levels. They also are rich in antioxidants and thus help prevent organ failures and other complications which occur due to diabetes. Amla also helps improve vision.

Turmeric is also a powerful immunity booster. Recent studies have also linked curcumin, a compound in turmeric to have the potential to even help in SARS Cov-2. Turmeric also is useful in reducing blood sugar levels.

Meshashringi is very powerful indigenous herb. It is also known as Gurmar and has the property to improve insulin secretion in the body.

Jamun fruit is also a powerful fruit in treating diabetes. It also improves immunity. It is also effective in reducing blood pressure levels. It is also helps in weight management of diabetic patients.

Arjuna plant is another local plant found abundantly in the Indian subcontinent. It is indicated in anemia, tumors and hypertension and in reducing blood sugar levels. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and inhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

Asana plant is the primary ingredient and has high efficacies in helping the muscles utilize the existing glucose in the body. It helps bring down hyperglycemia immediately.

Saptachakra or Salacia is another major anti-diabetic herbal ingredient in Glymin Plus tablets. It also possesses anti-hyperlipidemia properties.

The combinations of these herbs make this formulation a really efficient and powerful one in controlling blood sugar levels and related complications.




Pre Diabetes

Diabetic complications



Diabetes is a chronic condition hence it is highly advisable to consult a physician before you consume any medications.

In case of Glymin Plus tablets, two tablets two or three times a day is recommended in most cases.

An ayurvedic physician will help you get your personalized dosage depending upon your blood sugar levels, body condition and over tridosas.


Glymin Plus is an herbal formulation hence no side effects are noted when consumed in limited doses under medical supervision.

However, an overdose can cause hypoglycemia.

People with existing complications in internal organs are advised to take this medicine only if recommended by a doctor. Especially people with chronic liver diseases especially 3rd stage and higher must consult your doctor and ensure this medicine is safe before consumption.

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