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Looking at the amazing performance of a gifted athlete the very first question that pops out in our head is “What does he eat?” Rightly  so. Because it’s the diet that builds up every cell of the body, feeds the mind and controls every aspect of the being. Indeed, we are what we eat!!!

So, here is a little secret that Indian athletes swear by for all the glory and accolades, the achievements and laurels that they bring to the nation.

No, it’s not steroids or some drugs, nor any protein bars or temporary aid. The secret lies in the wraps of nature. A secret used since ancient times by the yodhas, the kings, the brave and courageous fighters ,  passed on for generations for eternal strength and agility.

The  ancient magical herb – Ashwagandha, an energy-boosting dose with nature’s goodness. Ashwagandhadilehya is revered for its ability to boost strength, stamina and focus – both mentally and physically.

* A great adaptogenic, Ashwagandha relieves the stress and lets the body calm down thereby enhancing performance and concentration on the game.

* This ancient herb has been clinically proven to increase cardio-respiratory response which reduces fatigue and improves stamina.

* The magical paste -Ashwagandhadilehya, that not just boosts immunity and  adds energy, but also enhances endurance and performance on the field as well as off the field.

* Other noteworthy benefits of using Ashwagandhadilehya is improved muscle strength, lean body mass, and maintained body fat percentage.

A recent study was designed to determine the efficacy of Ashwagandha on athletes have provided substantial proof to back the traditional faiths.  This ancient herb is being actively supported by scientific studies. Researchers are exploring and confirming Ashwagandha’s many mind and body benefits desired by today’s sophisticated wellness-focused athletes.

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