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A man’s nightmare and a girl’s worst fear, Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men. Though most of the times it’s buried behind the zip, yet the ones reported shows its high prevalence in men across all ages.

The problems of Erectile dysfunction and louse performance have existed since aeons, but it’s the recent surge that has unfurled many secrets about the penny pony. Many research and studies have established some major lifestyle habits that can cause or worsen Erectile dysfunction.

So, if you tick any of the following, then probably you are hurting your manhood !

1. Lack of Proper sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause a man’s testosterone level to drop considerably which may lead to erectile dysfunction.

2. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse can kill sexual desire, deter performance, lower sperm count and can even result in erectile dysfunction.

3. Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking damages blood vessels which may stop the blood  flow to the penis resulting in erectile dysfunction

4. Obesity

Obesity not only deters performance and spoils mood but it also results in lower level of testosterone which apparently causes erectile dysfunction.

So, if you are experiencing a hard time getting in hard, then maybe it’s time for you to change the gear of your life.

Apart from the above causes, erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of a physical ailment. Get in touch with a doctor from Ayurcentral for a complete examination and herbal remedy.

Speaking of herbal remedy, BrihatriAshwagandhadiLehya works amazing in relieving stress, boosting blood circulation, calming anxiety, treating sleep disorders, regulating moods and finally aiding erectile dysfunction and elevating sexual pleasure.

BrihatriAshwagandhadilehya is a clinically tested and proven solution to erectile dysfunction. The natural constituent is free from harmful chemicals and does not have any side effects unlike the modern pills. Just one or two spoon taken daily can bring the magic charm back. You can also consult an Ayurcentral doctor for confirmation on your dosage.

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