Ajamamsa Rasayana Health Benefits, Uses, Dose & Side Effects

Ajamamsa Rasayana is a well known traditional Ayurvedic formulation available in herbal ghee or jam form. Ajamamsa is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘goat meat’ which is the chief ingredient of this rasayana. It is a non-vegetarian Ayurvedic medicine which is very effective in treating several disorders like loss of strength, hemiplegia, etc.

This potent concoction is nutritive, carminative and anabolic in nature which aids in keeping the metabolism strong and allows the body to gain mass. Its carminative property helps in relieving gas and boosts proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Regular intake of this tonic ensures strength, maintains general health, improves complexion and stamina. It is also recommended for postnatal care when the body needs to recover and regain the lost vigour.

Features of Ajamamsa rasayana

Mass gain tonic
Maintaining a proper weight is essential for being at the peak of health. While obesity is a well-known problem, emaciation is also a concern as it might indicate weakness, fragility, easy fatigue and many other associated problems. Ajamamsa Rasayana is a powerful medicine that nourishes the dhathus and helps the body in gaining necessary mass. It is recommended to use the medicine for 6 months continuously to get desired results.

Boosts strength
Ajamamsa Rasayana is a herbal power booster that revitalizes the bones, muscles and the whole body. It helps to regain the loss of strength caused by any disease or treatment. This traditional formulation is also used in the treatment of paraplegia which means paralysis of the legs and lower body, typically caused by spinal injury or disease.

For female body
Ajamamsa Rasayana is a traditional medication used for ages to soothe abdominal pain during menstruation, hip pain and vaginal pain. It is often used for post-natal care as a Galactogogue that promotes the production and flow of mother’s milk. It further boosts a new mother’s strength and helps them to recover from the trauma of childbirth.

Ajamamsa Rasayana is a herbal drug available in the form of ghee or jam and it is generally used for oral consumption. However, it is also administered in the form of nasal drops or through enema.


It is generally prescribed for regular use as a tonic to be taken once or twice a day as prescribed by the physician.

It can be taken with hot water or warm milk for faster digestion.

Side effects and precautions:

It is not ideal for people with obesity, high BP and high cholesterol levels.

It is best avoided in pregnant mothers.

The cap of the bottle containing this product should be airtight.

Over-dosage of this medicine may lead to indigestion and constipation.

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